3 Common Misconceptions About Digital Marketing

Today, there are lots of people who are not fond of the term digital marketing, despite its obviousness. Simply put, the term digital marketing covers every single promotional or advertising effort done in the virtual world.

The importance of digital marketing nowadays is bigger than ever. While doing digital marketing was a privilege years back, now it’s a common need. Testing the challenging market and making everything to dominate it is one of the core principles of digital marketing.

As the world of digital marketing evolved, there have normally been many misconceptions about it. In fact, the plethora of opportunities with digital marketing is enormous. However, many people miss out the most basic things, which we will today share:

  • Higher Time Consumption Vs. Fewer Results
    Many newbies in digital marketing are dissapointed by the time they spent with their efforts online and the results gotten from it. Whereas in the traditional marketplace advertising may go faster, the digital world seems as slower to people. This is a common misconception – although it may seem like digital marketing is a slower medium when processing the efforts is taken into consideration, the results of digital marketing stay for a long time – something that the traditional marketing is not proud of sharing.
  • It is too technical to track or measure
    The complications that usually arise to people with tracking information are tied with not knowing the basic things. The common misbelief that the digital marketing is too technical is present to many things, however the digital world continuously makes easier and simpler products for tracking analytics and measuring results. An example of this is Google Analytics, plain simple and effective, telling you everything what you want to see and with a verbiage (and even clarifications!) tailored to your knowledge.
  • SEO is going to die
    If you share this thought, just ask yourself the same question as soon as you stop using Google and searching for something. Got it? With search engines becoming the new mass mediums, it’s ridiculous┬áto suggest that SEO is going to die. Instead, it’s an opportunity worth investing in.

In the end, there are many other misconceptions and misbeliefs about the future of the Internet, as well as negative approaches to its presence.

What we can definitely say is that the Internet grows drastically with every year and really makes our access to information easier, and with value of that kind – it’s nowhere near extinction.