Affordable Reading Glasses: Know The Symptoms

Are you over 40? Have you been starting to notice difficulties when trying to read up close? Are you experiencing eye fatigue whenever you try to focus on objects close by? Then a visit to your eye doctor is recommended as you may have developed presbyopia.

For most people the first thing that comes to mind is that affordable reading glasses may be required. People who have never worn glasses in the past often start with a normal pair of readers, such as the full frame reading glasses which have a full frame and where the entire lens is made on the reading prescription. Then there are the half-eye readers too, which sit lower down on one’s nose. The latter are ideal for work which requires you to focus a lot, such as needlework and crochet. Bifocals are not recommended for people who have never worn affordable reading glasses before. These are more suitable if one needs both distance as well as near correction.

Presbyopia generally occurs around age 40. Most people start to experience blurred vision when trying to focus on small things such as fine print. Such problems are often noticed when reading, or while sewing, or even while working at a computer. Eye strain, fatigue and headaches often result. Presbyopia is a normal part of aging, and it cannot be avoided. Basically there is a gradual thickening of the eye’s natural lens, which results in a loss of flexibility. Since the lens becomes harder, thicker and less elastic, the eye will find it more difficult to focus up close.

Thus, glasses are needed so as to correct presbyopia. Most people opt for reading glasses whenever they need to read, work on a computer or do work that requires them to focus on small objects. The eye doctor may recommend bifocal or progressive addition lenses too. With bifocal lenses the main part of the lens has a prescription for distance vision, whereas the lower part of the lens is suitable for close up work. The progressive addition lenses are similar, however they offer a more gradual transition between the two prescriptions and there is no visible line between them either.

It is important to point out that the human lens continues to change as time goes by and you grow older. Therefore your prescription will have to change accordingly too. Consequently, regular visits to your eye doctor are a must as a stronger correction may need to be prescribed. Apart from eyeglasses there are also surgical options to treat presbyopia. However, these are not as popular as the former, both because of costs as well as possible complications.

Affordable Reading Glasses