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The Convenience of Building & Owning a Carport

Published / by Nick

Making a Safe, Secure & Dry Place for Your Cars

Today we will discuss with you the value and importance that building a carport brings to your home. They are much more affordable and cost-effective than building a garage and we will let you know why below. Learn about the benefits of building a carport from this specialised guide.

To begin with, leaving your vehicle parked outside exposed to the elements will only lead to the depreciation value of your car. When a car is parked in a garage or underneath a carport you offer it protection from all of the various elements. Things like rain, dust, hail, snow and other weather will not damage your vehicle when it is housed under a carport. Another great feature to a carport is that it makes your vehicle less visible which will help in deterring would-be thieves. There are a lot more reasons on why you should go ahead with building a carport and we shall continue on with more of the great benefits below.

For those on a budget, the advantage of installing a carport over a garage is big. One of the biggest advantages of building a carport is that it may only cost you a few hundred dollars to cover one car. When it comes to building a garage that protects only one vehicle you will be looking into thousands of dollars associated with costs, materials, contractors and other expenses.

Constructing a Carport is Fairly Easy Compared to a Garage. Image credit: Pinterest

Building a garage is a very large undertaking as it is a very big project. You will more than likely have to hire a contractor to complete the job for you. When you invite strangers into your home you do not know what you could be getting yourself into. Many garages naturally connect to high-traffic areas of your home which means you will have construction workers walking through your home as part of the building process. When you opt to use a carport instead you won’t need any builders to enter your home. Building a garage will naturally take a few weeks for contractors and builders to put everything together. Whereas when you choose to use a carport you typically will not need to hire anyone as you and a friend can easily complete the task in under a day or two.

Another problem that is often associated with building a garage is that you may have to appeal to governing bodies over home development to get your project permitted. Whenever you are going to do a major home improvement it is best to get the project approved ahead of time as to prevent any problems and hassles associated with paperwork and associated legalities in your municipality.

A benefit of choosing a carport is that they are much more aesthetically pleasing to look at then a garage. A garage tends to take up a lot of space and is large and imposing which ends up making your home look much smaller when you add it as an addition. However, a carport structure has a much more open feeling and is much smaller and takes up a lot less space and is typically visually more appealing to look at.

Make Sure You Get Contractors to Build Your Concrete Base. Image credit: YouTube

A carport also gives you more options then a garage will. You can host outdoor parties and put in picnic tables, a BBQ and chairs to hose family get-togethers and host parties for friends. You can both protect your guests from the hot sunlight or you can prevent them from getting wet during rainy days. A carport can be used for all sorts of things and you are only limited by your creativity and imagination. A carport does not have to be strictly just for storing vehicles.

You can even go as far as to decorate your carport. You can place seasonal plants along the edges so that they can grow up the support beams. You can also do other things like hang plants, flowers, and lights. There are virtually unlimited options you can choose from when it comes to decorating your carport and making it more comfortable. You can even add walls to it if you choose. Like we stated before you are only limited by your creativity and imagination.

Unlike a garage, most timber carports are portable. This means that you can bring it with you on camping trips or even if you move to another home. With a garage, it is in a permanent position and you don’t have the option of bringing it with you for added comfort and shelter from the elements. We hope this article has helped you in learning more about the benefits of carports. They may not be for everyone but for many homeowners, a carport is a preferable attachment to their home rather than a garage. The benefits of using a carport outweigh any negatives and they are portable and cost-effective for those on a budget.

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How to spruce up a dated kitchen by spray painting the doors

Published / by Nick

Bring Your Kitchen Back to Life in Minutes!

Painting kitchen doors and drawers is a fairly simple DIY project that can give a whole new look to your kitchen. After some years you may have started to like your kitchen less. Be it because there are more modern kitchen styles around, or you would really love to have a new colour. Or maybe you are not happy with the defects that emerged over the years. Regardless of the reason, it is normal to yearn for a fresh look, especially in the kitchen, which is one of the rooms where you tend to spend most time in when at home. So, if you want to make a change, but not end up spending a lot of money, the best idea would be to spray paint your kitchen doors if they are made from timber. If they are MDF based formica based doors, then you can easily shop around from some beautiful made-to-measure replacement kitchen unit doors online.

Many Specialist Companies Now Manufacture Kitchen Doors. Image credit: Tesrol

To complete the transformation, you could also install new handles and knobs. Once you are done you will be amazed at the big difference!

Here is how to go about it. Remove the doors carefully, and label them so as to know where each one of them will go when you re-install them. You will also need to remove the knobs, handles and hardware. Carefully inspect each door one by one. There may be scratches that need to be filled up with putty, areas where there are stains, and any other defects that you could try to see to, or at least, hide when the spray paint is applied.

It is important to clean the doors well before you do any spray painting. This will also give you a better idea of their condition and of any measures you would need to take before moving on to the spray painting phase. Once you are done, it is best to sand them lightly and apply a good quality primer so as to ensure that the surface area is well prepared for the spray painting. This will be indispensable for better quality results later on.

When it comes to choosing the paint that you will be using, make sure that you choose a high quality, hard wearing paint which is suitable for your door material. You will also need to choose your preferred colour, so take the time to visit different paint stores so as to find just what you are looking for.

Be Careful When Fitting Handles to Kitchen Doors. Image credit: Kitchen Door Workshops

Tinting the primer to match the new colour of the paint, especially if it is a rather dark shade, is highly recommended. As soon as the base coat dries up well, it is also best to sand the doors again but lightly. After, you can move on to the painting phase. When spray painting it is best to wear a mask, and ensure that there is proper ventilation in the room. Once the first application is done, allow them to dry and apply a second coat so as to achieve a more even finish. Small areas may need to be painted by means of a small brush.

When the spray painting is complete, attach the handles and position each door to the right place on the cabinets so as to attach them and get the new kitchen look you had been planning for!

How to make built-in shelving with MDF boards

Published / by Nick

Create the ultimate space-saving shelving system in no time!

When you start to think of all the stuff you would like to store away on shelves, and yet you do not want to spend money on shelving, there is only one thing that remains an option – building shelving yourself. In reality, shelving can be built really easily as essentially it is only a frame with horizontal boards attached to serve as shelves. So, why do you end up spending several hundred pounds for something that you can easily build up on your own with some MDF boards and basic tools? It really won’t require any expertise or advanced woodworking skills or tools at all. There is no need to design anything complicated, as you can opt for the most basic of designs, where all of the shelves are of the same size. So, let us discuss in a little more detail how to make built-in shelving with MDF sheets cut to size.

MDF Wall Shelf Template. Image credit: Luthieres

MDF Wall Shelf Template. Image credit: Luthieres

Start off by measuring the space where the built-in shelving will be installed. Based on the space available, you can then decide on the layout of the shelving. Do you want the shelves to be exactly the same from top to bottom, or would you rather introduce a design where you make use of shelving dividers so as to alternate the shelves’ lengths as you move from one row to another? The decision will depend mainly on what you intend to place on the shelves, and their respective sizes. For instance, if they are going to be used as a built-in shelving system for books, you will need to take into account that some books are bigger than others. So some shelves may need to be of a bigger height than others. If on the other hand you will be placing DVDs, which are of the same height, you should opt for shelves that are of the same height all along. These considerations and decisions should be made in advance because otherwise you might end up wasting a great deal of space, and possibly not be satisfied with how much you managed to store on the shelves.

Once you have come to a decision, purchase and cut the MDF boards in the required dimensions. Once all the boards have been cut, it is best to sand them lightly because MDF tends to remain rough on the edges where the cutting was carried out. You may also wish to consider painting them. In that case the painting should be carried out at this point, before we move to the assembling phase.

Next, you will need to build the frame of your shelving unit. Set the base, and assemble the side to it. Do not just glue, but nail them up for more security. Make sure that they are flush. Next, attach the upper board so that the outer frame is all assembled. It is important that you allow the glue to dry well. Then the frame will then need to be attached to the wall, so make sure you take into account the materials you will need to fasten the frame securely to the wall. This is even more important if it is quite large.

Next you will need to build the shelves in their respective positions in the frame you just completed. As a general rule of thumb it is advisable to avoid having shelves longer than 40 inches as they can easily start sagging. You should also attach an anti-sag cleat at the rear part of the shelves. Cut the brackets and fasten them together with the bracket supports for more durability. As always, sand each piece with fine grit sandpaper. Fill all the nail holes with wood putty, and once it is dry sand lightly. Always apply enough to cover well, and remove the excess after a couple of minutes.

MDF Built-in Wall Shelves. Image credit: Durkan Design & Build

MDF Built-in Wall Shelves. Image credit: Durkan Design & Build

That is basically it. You will not be spending several hours to complete it and you won’t be spending a fortune either. Besides there is the fact that you will be feeling that sense of accomplishment once it is completed. Built-in shelving has always been a great way to make your home more organized, and at times you can never have enough when it comes to shelves, especially if you are a bookworm, or someone who never wants to throw anything away! Built-in shelves are also great for storing toys and stationery in kids’ bedrooms and play areas. They are also great for living areas, and in bedrooms to store away clothes that are off season, shoes and handbags. So, once you complete one built-in shelving system you are most probably going to build others for other rooms in no time! And with MDF boards it is very affordable indeed!

Interior Refurbishment in London: Ways To Make Your Space Luxurious

Published / by Nick

Deciding to refurbish your home, office or entire workplace can appear to be a daunting prospect. However, there are many different aspects of luxury refurbishments you can consider. From building practicalities to aesthetic choices, luxury residential and commercial refurbishments are known to give a facelift to your home or office area and make you enjoy time spent in it.

However, luxury refurbishments demand expert work. Whether the project is residential, commercial, retail or healthcare based, refurbishment is a process that must include an initial concept and a plan to stick to from the very start to the end. Also, ensuring an exceptional quality finish to the work is a priority everyone should follow.

If you have decided to refurbish your space, you should know all the common types of refurbishments. We are listing them below:

Commercial Refurbishment

The commercial refurbishment sector includes innovative construction and design processes aimed at new buildings for offices, laboratory facilities but also warehouse and factory spaces. Commercial luxury refurbishments must be delivered on design, quality and value each time.

Residential Refurbishment

Residential refurbishments are the most popular type of renovations. From kitchens to bedrooms and living room concepts, they are meant to complete new homes. Also, the size of residential refurbishments can vary – mostly because there are large residential estates but also small homes wanting a new and modern facelift.

Therefore, residential luxury refurbishing is a process that demands utmost attention to details. It is the living space that is being redecorated after all, and tailoring the refurbishment to the client’s needs and budget is a must.

Educational Refurbishment

The educational sector is currently blossoming when it comes to refurbishment. Many schools are getting new interiors designed – all in order to create a safe and inspiring environment for our children. Obviously, there are many challenges in projects like this – which is another reason why an expert refurbishment company should take care of a project such as this.

Industrial & Healthcare Refurbishment

Industrial refurbishment may also be of great value for a business. From warehouses to factory spaces and new buildings for offices – industrial refurbishments bring life to the space, may rearrange it and definitely improve the productivity.

On the other hand, the healthcare sector dictates various standards, which must be met every season. The technical requirements for them must ensure the minimum disruption to both professional and medical teams as the top priority in projects like these.

High End Luxury Refurbishment

Expert work is a prerequisite when it comes to providing high end luxury refurbishment for commercial, residential, industrial or educational properties. Living space is nowadays an important aspect in many industries and investing in high return real estate opportunities is a practice of many companies.

There is a large variety of options when refurbishing your home or business area nowadays. For instance, you can refurbish your home either with or without structural work. Whether it is an entire home wide transformation or a small facelift, the results are always great.


Finding an experienced, knowledgeable and resourceful residential refurbishment contractor in London is the prerequisite to success when it comes to reinventing your space. Additionally, it is always worth to find someone who can not only do the interior design work – but provide you the best ideas on how to maximise your property’s value and rearrange your space according to your needs.

Understanding how you are using your space, how much time you are spending in it and what activities you are doing in it are all important aspects when it comes to interior design. Whether you are selling or renting out your space, these practices can let you save while spending and get a great return on investment.