Choosing an affordable SEO Company

Understanding the best approach to finding a search marketing partner

Anyone who runs an online business knows of the importance of high levels of organic traffic. Paid channels such as PPC, banners, affiliate schemes and sponsorship can go a long way to building brand awareness but at the expense of your balance sheet. It’s expensive, notoriously difficult to get right and can spiral out of control if not kept on a constantly tight leash.

So even with multiple Google algorithmic updates over the course of the past few years, internet entrepreneurs are still seeking ways to achieve better natural ranks because essentially, they cost less and they work. The risks involved in SEO are still overshadowed by the cost outlay of going “traditional” and paying for every add, impression and click you put out on the web. Organic ranks if achieved are the promised land of every online business because once acquired, are in most cases, without associated fees.

So how do you go about selecting an appropriate SEO partner to help with your search marketing needs? It’s not like the market is short of options. Anyone who’s been involved with any form of website project, whether it be a blog, e-commerce business, corporate brochure, directory or social platform will know that there’s a lot of folks out there offering their self-proclaimed expertise. The sad fact is, these experts seldom prove to be the case and in fact, for the most part, are just opportunists reselling the work of a few mass link builders with a renamed, rebranded package. Nothing worse than getting the same junk as your competitors for your hard earned cash.

So the issue not not finding a SEO partner, it’s finding the right one and so with that in mind, you have to start to look more closer to home, rather than for the cheaper, more attractive overseas options.

The fact is, anyone who is willing to hire a so-called SEO guru from an overseas country, who they have no prior knowledge of, no professional relationship with and no idea of their true credentials, is effectively placing their internet business on the roulette table and waiting to see if the ball lands on red or black. It’s that clear cut.

It’s ludicrous to think that this practice still exists today but so many reckless business owners are willing to gamble they livelihoods and in many cases, the careers of they staff by hiring someone who could destroy their online presence if they’re not careful. Since 2012, Google has made a concerted effort to make the search experience of their users as high as possible. By doing so, they have made numerous algorithm updates to ensure the best quality, most relevant sites get ranked higher and with that, those sites that have signals and shares from multiple sources that are clearly bonafide, natural and authentic. Cheap overseas SEOs have never worked in that way and have for the most part, focused clearly on mass link building in a haphazard and unstructured way that can lead to any site, including some big name players, to get a massive slap round the face!

So when reverting to the original title of this article, it brings are entirely new meaning to what “affordable SEO” really means. If you still feel it’s simply down to the cost outlay then the whole point of this article has gone completely over your head.

Hopefully the penny has dropped and you’ve come to realise that finding an affordable SEO company means what you are willing to risk and what you can afford to lose in terms of your business, your search visibility and your longer term future. if you are still in the mindset that affordable SEO is still about cost, you are wrong. it’s about what will work, who will do the best job for you, who will lay out a clear and defined strategy and who will do it the correct way following Google’s updated Webmaster Guidelines.

If your mindset is on that path, you already know where to look and how to find the right partner. Look local, hire local and win local.