Exhibition Stand Ideas for Beginners

If you are a beginner looking for exhibition stand ideas on how to maximise your reach, marketing impact and branding with trade shows this article will help with that process. For many attendees that visit a trade show, they are all too familiar with walking through long hallways and excepting marketing brochures and free giveaway products. Each exhibition stand is enticing with glowing colour and after a while, attendees can end up feeling worn out from the lights and not to mention the overabundance of happy sales orientated people waiting to encourage and talk to them at every display.

Exhibition Stand for VBO Makelaar
Exhibition Stand for VBO Makelaar. Image credit: Pinterest

Being able to stand out from the competition and other displays being featured can be a difficult task. However, trade show stand contractors have been interviewed and asked for their best advice on what are the best ideas and formats to use for an exhibition stand for beginners. Be sure to follow the list of suggestions as you continue reading below.

1) Use Photo Booths

You can easily incorporate a more fun and friendly interactive exhibition stand by making the atmosphere more comfortable with photo booths. You can use a photo booth and can offer your attendees a chance to have a photo taken with your branding being visible. You can also encourage your visitor to make a special caption that somehow references your branding, product or service to further bring a buzz and sense of excitement to your stand. Another great idea that can be incorporated in this idea is to ask your visitors for permission to use their photos on your social media platform including tagging them for further viral marketing effect.

2) Offer Games

Being able to offer attendees different types of fun and interactive games will bring about a greater chance of your target audience remembering your brand and associating it in their mind as a good experience. You don’t want to offer traditional games but rather challenging games that are competitive for chances to win prizes or discounts. You can do things like establishing conversations, gain contacts and leads and engage your audience to commit to further sales calls or even to make sales directly on the spot or later on. Games are a great way to bring a positive atmosphere around your brand which is a great way to draw in potential customers.

3) Offer Competitions

Many different exhibition stands utilise the power of competitions because they are known for having a very wide and dramatic reach for advertising. Being able to offer a competition will be a great way to talk to attendees to educate and sell them on your products or services. You can offer competitions with all sorts of prizes for reward. You can offer simple things like a dinner for two at a restaurant, or be offering a prize for whoever is chosen from a random business card draw. You want to hook and keep people engaged at your exhibition stand and using competitions is an excellent method that does work. When asked, trade show stand contractors said that utilising competitions is an old method but still continues to work well.

4) Offer Question & Answer Sessions

For people who have products or services to sell at exhibition events, they can host a question and answer infomercial based session during the event. You can do these two to three different times a day during peak traffic times while people walk past your stand. You can tell them about your product and offer a fun and entertaining talk that gives information and answers questions from the audience. You can also have sales staff going through the crowd giving away business cards or leaflets offering a discount which is an excellent incentive.

5) Create a Work Area or a Relaxation Zone

Trade shows are incredibly busy and vibrant areas that can take a lot out of attendees. You can offer an area that gives people an area to relax and take time out. You can offer coffee, tea or other refreshments and even food. Just be sure your area is fully stocked and cleaned regularly and kept neat and organised. Another idea you can offer is a place to offer people to plug in their smartphones as well as portable computers. Offering an area to relax or get much-needed work done can boost your brand and company image.

Simple Ideas Work So Use Them Wisely

These suggestions are known to work and they can help any beginner looking to gain success from their exhibition stand while attending trade shows. Having a strong brand image, clever marketing and methods to educate and capture leads and make sales when combined with these 5 ideas bring greater results.