How to spruce up a dated kitchen by spray painting the doors

Bring Your Kitchen Back to Life in Minutes!

Painting kitchen doors and drawers is a fairly simple DIY project that can give a whole new look to your kitchen. After some years you may have started to like your kitchen less. Be it because there are more modern kitchen styles around, or you would really love to have a new colour. Or maybe you are not happy with the defects that emerged over the years. Regardless of the reason, it is normal to yearn for a fresh look, especially in the kitchen, which is one of the rooms where you tend to spend most time in when at home. So, if you want to make a change, but not end up spending a lot of money, the best idea would be to spray paint your kitchen doors if they are made from timber. If they are MDF based formica based doors, then you can easily shop around from some beautiful made-to-measure replacement kitchen unit doors online.

Many Specialist Companies Now Manufacture Kitchen Doors. Image credit: Tesrol

To complete the transformation, you could also install new handles and knobs. Once you are done you will be amazed at the big difference!

Here is how to go about it. Remove the doors carefully, and label them so as to know where each one of them will go when you re-install them. You will also need to remove the knobs, handles and hardware. Carefully inspect each door one by one. There may be scratches that need to be filled up with putty, areas where there are stains, and any other defects that you could try to see to, or at least, hide when the spray paint is applied.

It is important to clean the doors well before you do any spray painting. This will also give you a better idea of their condition and of any measures you would need to take before moving on to the spray painting phase. Once you are done, it is best to sand them lightly and apply a good quality primer so as to ensure that the surface area is well prepared for the spray painting. This will be indispensable for better quality results later on.

When it comes to choosing the paint that you will be using, make sure that you choose a high quality, hard wearing paint which is suitable for your door material. You will also need to choose your preferred colour, so take the time to visit different paint stores so as to find just what you are looking for.

Be Careful When Fitting Handles to Kitchen Doors. Image credit: Kitchen Door Workshops

Tinting the primer to match the new colour of the paint, especially if it is a rather dark shade, is highly recommended. As soon as the base coat dries up well, it is also best to sand the doors again but lightly. After, you can move on to the painting phase. When spray painting it is best to wear a mask, and ensure that there is proper ventilation in the room. Once the first application is done, allow them to dry and apply a second coat so as to achieve a more even finish. Small areas may need to be painted by means of a small brush.

When the spray painting is complete, attach the handles and position each door to the right place on the cabinets so as to attach them and get the new kitchen look you had been planning for!