Weight Loss Protein Powder: The Surprising Benefits

In the modern times it has been observed that there has been a rising demand for weight loss shakes such as whey protein shakes. These shakes are not only dietary supplements but also help in weight loss, muscle development and increased body metabolism. Some forms of proteins are better than the others. Whey protein is obtained as a by-product of cheese production. It contains essential amino acids and tons of nutrients which will help you increase strength, gain muscle and reduce significant amount of body fats.

Whey protein is usually sold as a flavored powder, which is used to prepare weight loss shakes, as a meal replacement and in protein bars. It is one of the best and the healthiest supplements in the world. Hence let us take a look at the health benefits of whey proteins.

Boost your protein and BCAA intake

We know that proteins are the main building blocks in our body. They help in development of bones, muscles, organs and skin. Proteins which are rich in amino acids are the best and whey proteins contain an array of essential amino acids including Leucine and Cysteine. Leucine is the most growth promoting amino acid while Cysteine helps to boost the cellular antioxidant levels. Whey protein appears to be particularly effective at stimulating growth in humans.

Lose fat and develop muscles

In Minnesota, a 12 week study was conducted on several people. Some were given whey protein and others were given an isocaloric mix beverage. Those consuming whey lost significantly greater amounts of body fat, 6.1% total and better preserved their muscles. Whey proteins help you reduce your hunger and hence reduce your intake of food. Besides, consumption of whey proteins will also help you develop your muscles. Researchers at Baylor University found that whey protein helped in the growth of fat-free mass and muscle strength.

Longevity benefits of whey proteins

It has been found by scientists that whey proteins can increase your life span by up to 10 years. At present the human life expectancy is about 78.7 years. Even if you start consuming whey protein at midlife your life expectancy is expected to increase by 9.4 years. Isn’t it incredible!!!

Indeed whey protein is no ordinary protein. It can act as a dietary supplement and propellant to improve muscle growth and also help to fight diabetes, depression, blood pressure and maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Weight Loss Protein Powder